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A century ago, the Protectorate of CABINDA was created by the Treaties of Protectorate and Friendship signed by Portugal and CABINDA. The aspirations for independence and freedom of the Cabindese people are founded on these treaties and the Constitution of the Front of Liberation of the State of CABINDA (F.L.E.C.).

Since its foundation, the FLEC keeps on claiming auto determination and independence, sometimes violently.

We are convinced that CABINDA is a state separated from the Popular Republic of Angola, and the day will come of our victory upon the physical and moral oppression which is chaining the will and spirit of the Cabindese populations.

Today, the Angolese colonialiste and their agents are occupying the Cabindese territory and become the enemies of the Cabindese people. We are Cabindese in our heart and our soul and we are sadly witnessing the destruction and the ransacking our country.

We will never accept that other people are founding their fortune by the spoliation of our National cornmunity. We'll keep on struggling until victory.

Because of the present events happening presently in CABINDA, any citizens of this State and their relatives and those who are acting as reel soons of Resistance Together with those who are defending justice and vith national and international and religions organisation without distinction of political or religions considerations; for the realization of our National Project which is presented as following.

A. During our struggle for, liberation the government's objectives are :

a)  Gain acceptance of the rights of the people of CABINDA to autodetermination and independence

b)  Fight against any means of violence

c)  Struggle for the total liquidation of any kind of colonialism and neo-colonialism

d)  Strive against any way of annexation of CABINDA to any other country. However, the State of CABINDA is concerned by a possible confederation and may participate in the cultural and economical foundations of a federation.

e)  sensibilise mobilize, guide and educate the Cabindese, citizens living in liberated areas.

f)  Develop agriculture by supporting and stimulating the creation of farmers' cooperatives in the free zones and refugees' camps.

g)  Struggle for social and cultural development, specially for the rural population for their social and economic integration in a free and sovereign CABINDA.

h)  Condemn any attitudes going against the objectives of the FLEC, then against the spirit of the national assent - practice a diplomatie policy of wisdom and friendship. Work for the development of all Cabindese.

i)  The government calls upon men of good will, supporters of peace, democracy and justice to help it for its struggle for the independence of CABINDA.

j)  The govermnent is permanently open to the constitution of a Cabindese Group and to negotiation with Angola for the independence of CABINDA.

k)  The government applies a policy of welcoming Cabindese citizens enrolled in different Angolese organizations and those of Cabindese professionals exiled abroad.

B. After our struggle for Liberation

a)  The government will act for total independence of CABINDA with a democratic society based upon multiple political parties, economic development, freedom of enterprise, justice, tolerance and peace.

b)  The present exiled govertunent (which will BE in charge of the CABINDA) is committed in warranting human rights, freedom of expression, opinion, association and religion within the Independent State of CABINDA; the govemment is comnùtted in the banishment of any kinds of tribalism, racism, apartheid. The govermnent is commmitted in the protection of aliens, their belongings and freedom of action in accordance with our laws, the equality of all men. The govermnent is committed for struggling against corruption and for the moralization of the society the government is willing to :

c)  Build up a democratic state where freedom of expression, association religion, exchange of goods and traffic of people will be guaranteed in accordance with the Universai Declaration of Human Rights.

d)  Organize free and democratic elections.

e)  Constitute and encourage the rational retum of exiled Cabindese for the National re-construction.

f)  Constitute a govemment of National Union which takes in to account the necessary Regional and Social balances of CABINDA.

g)  Struggle for the Support of the rights, freedom and interests of all those who are willing to work for the development of CABINDA

h)  Establish privileged relations of good neighbor-hood with Cabinda's borderland.

i)  Preserve the relation of reciprocal friendship with all African countries and others without any discrimination.

j)  Support a conununity-based policy in international relations in limits and objectives are to be defined.

k)  Promote an economic policy of free exchange and humanitarian vocation.

1)  Maintain and enlarge existing relationship with international organisation.

m)  Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of professionals for training and managing people

n)  If the political situation of Central African will allow the respect of Cabindese Sovereignty, we may sign immediate agreements.

C. What can we guarantee to our friends ?

An African saying sates that "one never forgets those who helped him in difficult circumstances". And because "a kind act is never a lost act", says another old tag, that will also apply to us.

Then, CABINDA is a state whose infrastructures will develop considerably in the future. The fabulous natural non exploited underground resources will serve Peace and Prosperity. The help brought by Cabinda's friends for establishing our country's laws and the gratitude towards friends who will have helped CABINDA and the Cabindese Exiled Government during the fight for liberation will be among our priorities.

Anyone knows that CABINDA owns enormous natural resources which will contribute to the development of the State of CABINDA. Its forests are abounding in game, its river are full of fish. The generous rainy weather contributes to the fertilization of the fields. The rich underground is plenty of diamonds (for jewelry and for industriel purpose), uranium (which could be enriched), cobalt and other mining resources; more over crude oil is already discovered on-shore and off-shore. With all these resources we'll build up our country and we'D round new hospitals and Universities with moderm and efficient technologies.

Our market we'Il be the most attractive of the area. Our airport we'll be one of the most important of the Continent. It help CABINDA in becoming an International Business Cross-roads and a main center for human and cultural exchanges.

All main and secondary roads will be rebuilt and tarmacked in order to help the development of our industry and agriculture.

CABINDA will have a Free Exchange Zone and a deep water harbor where afi facilities will be granted to businessmen and financiers. Moderm trawlers will be allowed to fish in our gorgeous waters.

Our friends who have been helping us during our struggle for liberation will be granted preferred relationship with the State of CABINDA.

It seems that only intensive and punctual information campaigns could throw down ideology and dogmatism in order to obtain concrete and positive issues of diplomatie initiatives and longing for quicker Peace.

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Long life to free CABINDA